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The 10 best SSPR solutions for enterprises

Identify the best SSPR solutions for you and your company

What is an SSPR solution?

Self-Service Password Reset solutions make it easy for end-users to reset and un-lock passwords in a secure process. The benefits are higher user satisfaction and productivity – the IT service desk will see a reduced number of tickets – and the risk against passwords is reduced.

This website will help you identify the best SSPR solutions for you

If your company has decided that you need a new SSPR solution, which one is then the best for you?

best password self-service reset

This web-site will help you determine your most important criteria and identify the solutions of most interest to you specifically!

There is no solution which is the best for everyone! Depending on your situation and requirements we can help you select the solutions which most likely are the right ones for you. You can then reach out to them and find out more, including what the costs and support terms are, to make the final decision.


With this guide you will get help to determine how different criteria will impact your business case and to prioritize between them.

We have focused on solutions for enterprises. Many solutions for small or simple installations are not included in this overview.

We have identified 10 leading solutions. Many more exist but we have limited the selection to the solutions we see in leading market research and we expect you might know the brands already.

Many SSPR solutions have been developed as an addendum to an existing solution within Identity Management or ITSM or some AD services.

SSPR IM ITSM solutions

If you today are using the original basic solution, you must look at their SSPR module – it might be the easiest and the cheapest. It might however not be the best for your business objectives for the SSPR solution!

The primary objectives seem to be...

productivity for end-users icon

Productivity for end-users

productivity for service desk icon

Productivity for the service desk



Practically all SSPR solutions support AD passwords and have a basic functionality which can satisfy many small or uncomplicated situations. This guide is not intended for this segment.

This guide is intended for organizations with some complexity which often also means many users. If you have a complex organization, you want the SSPR solution to be functionally rich and flexible. Flexible because complex organizations often improve with new technology and solutions, and you must be sure that your SSPR solution will adapt to your new situation.

As an example: Today you use Smartcard for MFA but have decided to go to OKTA authentication within the next 6-12 months. Your SSPR solution must then be able to support user verification with Smartcard and with OKTA at the same time. This requires a configurational flexibility, which is not present for many solutions.

In this guide you will find an overview of criteria sorted according to the generic importance.

Example: If you have SAP passwords in addition to AD passwords you MUST have SAP password reset or you will lose an important part of the business case!

You will have a short description of the 10 best SSPR solutions

You will find a functional comparison for all the solutions against the criteria.

This guide is made from our 20 years of experience in the SSPR field.

This is the only business we do, so we have built considerable knowledge about what it takes to get a successful SSPR implementation. In this guide we do our best to present facts. We know more about FastPass than other products, so if you find errors please inform us, so we can improve the guide.

Bias is not intended – but we can’t rule out that it might exist!